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I BELIEVE that our government can work together to get legislation passed, to move projects FORWARD.  I believe the time for excuses to halt progress is long past.  Public servants should serve the public.

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Building a Brighter Future

With over 30 years of experience in Finance, Budgeting and Grant compliance, I have learned how to stretch a dollar.  Running my own trucking company in an intense industry, diplomacy has become my strong suit.  I have also worked as project manager on FEMA projects, run audits on Hospitals, Cities, Schools and worked with other entities under CPA guidelines.  I intend to work for, and audit, our legislature with the same fervor.

I will work to keep expenses down and manage the budget without leaving people behind.  I support bringing trades back into our schools, bringing back Craftmanship.  I support measures for Affordable Housing, NOW.  Zoning corrections, thoughtful city planning, and affordable resources to improve and maintain our roads with Out-of-the-Box thinking.

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About Katherine 

I was raised by an ambitious single mother, well below poverty line.  Although Nevada is more progressive than most for women in office, I believe we need more working-class Americans in office.  The voices of those in need, need a loudspeaker ~ I hope to BE that VOICE, and a true public servant in office.

As a mother to six, with three grown LGBTQ+ children in a Blended Family, I am astounded by the generation coming up.  We need to show them the government SHOULD represent them and that it CAN work.

Katherine Ramsey for Assembly 

Carson City Nevada